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How MOPOL Officers On Benin Ore-Asaba Road Tagged Me A Yahoo Boy


Please don’t mind my English.

I will like to keep my identity because of my safety, I am from Oyo state (Ibadan) and I am having my NYSC service in Asaba.

I got a call last week Friday around 11:43 am from my PPA principal asking me why I haven’t reported and I told her that I will be in Asaba this weekend.

I did fulfil my promise by going this Saturday (5 Sept) to cut the story short when we reach Ore Benin road (6pm), this husky black Mopol officer stop our Toyota Siena car (public transport), he ask us to get down and he approaches me to remove your earphone mister man in which i did and ask me what do I do for a living?

And i answered with a friendly smile sir Am a youth corps, then he replies me “Really” where is your ID card and I show him, and he jokingly replies me u be Yoruba boy and I said yes Sir.

Then he asks for my phone, that’s when I knew something is not okay, I actually gave him my phone, and he kept on searching through my WhatsApp message, Inbox and pic gallery.

The next thing I will hear is Mr man move to that side (my heartbeat was already running madly) he asks me why can i have 85k in my account, Why am i using 2 WhatsApp account.

The next thing he started calling me names you this lazy yahoo boys, god catch u today, krokor dey ur yansh this time.

I beg him to let me go that am not a yahoo boy but all my plead fall into zero then the starts to threaten me that he will hand me over to EFCC then he remove his handcuff and I plead to him multiple times than his colleagues came to me which I thought he wants to help me beg him only for him to say “oh boy u sef do normal and water him flower” to my surprise on those boys selling gala and drinks came to us and brought out a POS machine and this stupid MOPOL force me to transfer 80k then he releases me but the strange thing is that these police officers are not with their tags to reveal their names and numbers, and they kept calling each other in nicknames like a scorpion, Rambo they only wear that Mopol polo shirt and carry AK 47 rifles.

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